Ron Naiser – New Subject Matter Expert, Process Adsorbents at Interra Global

Apr 04, 2016

Park Ridge, Illinois – Interra Global announced the addition of Ron Naiser to its technical support and sales team. Naiser will act as the subject matter expert for process adsorbents.

Naiser has twenty-five years experience in the molecular sieve industry providing process design services and on-site technical/troubleshooting support to over 300 natural gas liquid extraction, LNG, ethylene, polymer, refining and renewable energy facilities worldwide. The addition of Naiser will help Interra provide a complete high performance technical support and product supply solution to adsorbent and catalyst customers.

“During his career, Ron Naiser has focused on working with customers to optimize their unit performance to save significant levels of operating cost service,” noted Interra president Bill Wallace. “With Ron on board [Interra] will continue to expand our optimization and troubleshooting services,” added vice president Jay Skiersch.

Naiser started work in early September. He has been selling and supporting Interra’s aSorb, mSorb, and sSorb brands as well as BASF desiccant products since.

“Interra Global is a clear choice for me,” said Naiser. “I want to work for a company that is dedicated to creative problem solving and consistent high quality standards”, continued Naiser. “Interra partners with their customers to design strategic profit driving solutions.”

About Interra Global

Interra Global is the leading international provider of bulk adsorbents and catalysts. Interra supports specialty applications such as ethanol dehydration, refrigeration systems drying, siloxane removal, air brake system drying, compressed air drying, and fluoride and arsenic removal from drinking water.

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