sSORB SA Silica Alumina Gel

sSORB SA beads are fine-pored smooth spheres of water-resistant silica alumina gel. This line of products features high-crush strengths and low-dust content.

Chemical Formula: 7SiO2 Al2O2 nH2O

Product Data Sheet:

Product Safety Data Sheet

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sSORB SA silica alumina gel is created by adding varying amounts of alumina to fine-pored silica gel. Adsorption performance depends on the aluminum oxide content. Silica alumina gel can be used independently in applications with high free water content, or liquid water, and can still achieve low dew points.


    • Air drying
    • Acetylene adsorption for liquid ammonia and liquid nitrogen processing
    • Compressed air drying
    • Industrial gas drying
    • Liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier in the petrochemical, electric utility, and brewing industries
    • Protective layer for common silica gel