New H2S Removal Media

Mar 30, 2016

FerroSorp® H2S removal media is a now being introduced to the North American landfill gas market. FerroSorp is an Iron Hydroxide based pelletized desulphurization media used to remove H2S from gases. FerroSorp is produced in Germany and has been a market leader in Europe for more than 25 years. Iron Hydroxide contains the highest purity level of iron and is more effective than the traditional iron-oxide based medias that have been used for decades in the US markets. Over 40 landfills in the US have successfully changed from traditional iron oxide and activated carbon H2S removal medias to FerroSorp.

Ferrosorp Advantages

·        High H2S removal loading rates  Capable of 40% by weight

·        Iron-Hydroxide based media  Iron Hydroxide is highest purity iron for H2S removal

·        Outlet H2S concentration < 1 ppm  Meets strict regulations

·        Less caking/clumping  Easier to changeout, reduced maintenance cost

·        Environmentally non-hazardous  Easy, low-cost disposal

·        Low pressure drop  Gas flows freely throughout the life of the media

·        No daily water spraying needed  No water disposal or treatment needed

How can FerroSorp achieve 40% + H2S loading rates? FerroSorp, with its iron-hydroxide base ingredient, captures H2S and with a small amount of oxygen, it will convert the captured H2S to elemental sulfur. This chemical conversion will free up more adsorption space in the pellets. The sulfur that is formed bonds to the inside of the pellets, not the outside of the pellets. Consequently, the FerroSorp pellets do not expand and that expansion is what causes clumping and pressure drop in other medias.

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Interra Global is a provider of the industry-leading FerroSorp iron hydroxide based H22S removal media and a family of siloxane removal media for use in all types of landfill gas removal systems. We keep large quantities in stock at our warehouses located in Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey, and Houston. Learn More

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