4A Blue Indicating Molecular Sieve

mSORB® 4A blue indicating molecular sieve is an alumino-silicate with sodium as the charge balancing cation, giving it a 4 angstrom pore opening. It has the same physical properties and adsorption capacity as non-indicating 4A molecular sieve, but it is injected with cobalt chloride, a moisture indicating metal salt. The sieve is blue when dry and changes to beige when saturated with moisture. This allows the user to visually determine when the molecular sieve has reached its equilibrium capacity.

Chemical Formula: Na12[(AlO2)12(SiO2)12] • nH2O+CoCl2

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4A Blue Indicating Molecular Sieve Desiccant Features:

Product Adsorbent Type Size
mSORB® 4A 48 BIMS Molecular Sieve 4A 4 x 8 Mesh
mSORB® 4A 812 BIMS Molecular Sieve 4A 8 x 12 Mesh

Molecular Sieve is one of the most reliable desiccants many applications including:

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What Is Molecular Sieve?

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Store Blue Indicating molecular sieve in a dry location to prevent premature water adsorption. Do not store super sacks outside; ultraviolet radiation and other adverse conditions will negatively impact its integrity and may eventually cause the bag to fail. Reseal packages after opening to prevent contamination and unintended water adsorption. We recommend that you rotate stock so the oldest material is used first.

Typical Applications

Adsorption of straight chain hydrocarbons
Air dryer desiccant
Carbon dioxide adsorption
Commercial drying of saturated hydrocarbons
Nitrogen adsorption
Oxygen adsorption
Packaging of electronics, perishable chemicals, and other moisture-sensitive goods
Purification of various gas and liquid streams
Removal of CO2 from gas and air streams
Water scavenger in paint and plastic systems

Packing Information

Drums: 150 kg / 330 lb
Super Sacks: Fill weight to order specification