Employee Spotlight on Will Casolara

Jun 23, 2023

Everyone give a warm hello to Will Casolara, our newest Sr. Sales Engineer. Will began his career fresh out of school with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering as the Engineering Manager for an emissions control company, where he built the engineering department from the ground up. From there, he began his journey with the world of biogas. Through that world and a bit of serendipity, Will joined us here at Interra Global.

Since he joined the team last year, Will has spent his time working all over the biogas division. A large project he took on right away was implementing processes and documentation for internally supporting the Vacuum Adsorption Vessel (VAV). The VAV was the first piece of equipment we added to our catalog, and the whole team has enjoyed rolling it out to customers.

Throughout this first year, Will also attended SOAR, Biogas Americas, and RNG Works alongside the rest of the biogas team. Not only has he traveled for trade shows, but Will has also visited customer sites where FerroSorp has been implemented and checked in with our VAV manufacturing facility in person. Last but surely not least, he is our boots on the ground on the west coast. When he isn’t out and about at shows and sites, he spends his days working directly with customers to support their biogas needs over the phone, in meetings, and in person.

The great people at Interra Global are what really brought Will on board, he said in his employee intro interview. He got to know our VP Jay Skiersch at biogas-related trade shows. When a Sr. Sales Engineer position became available, Will was the right person for the role.

Will’s favorite Interra Global product is, of course, the VAV. He loves telling customers about it and hearing their responses. He boasts that it is unique in the market and makes people’s lives easier. His favorite part is seeing customers’ eyes light up when they learn about its ease of use.

When he’s not working, Will likes to hike, snowboard, and brew beer. He also has a pet pig named Puddy. The pig was brought home as a future meal, and then his sons named him, and he has been a family member ever since.


Interra Global is known worldwide as a provider of high-quality bulk desiccants and industrial adsorbents. Some of their many products include molecular sieve, silica gel, activated alumina, and FerroSorp®.

Interra Global’s top priority is to build lasting relationships with each of their customers by providing outstanding service. They offer technical support for many specialty applications, including H2S removal, ethanol dehydration, air drying, and siloxane removal.

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