Uses & Applications


Here you will find some of the many uses and applications that we support for industrial desiccants and adsorbents such as silica gel, activated alumina, and molecular sieve. Interra Global offers desiccants and adsorbents that will fit a variety of industrial applications and uses. If you don’t see your use case below, please contact us and our expert technicians will help you choose the best product for your needs. Our technicians will consult you about the most economical and effective drying solution for any pertinent application.

H2S Removal – Landfill Gas Applications

Reducing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from a gas stream is a critical step in landfill gas applications. Our FerroSorp® media will remove your H2S and save your company time and money. We Achieve the Highest Loading Rates: FerroSorp® has a chemical makeup that not only captures H2S, with a small amount of oxygen it will convert [...]

H2S Removal – Livestock Waste To Biogas

Reducing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a Critical Step in Turning Livestock Waste into Biogas Dairy, beef, swine, and poultry manure all release methane into the atmosphere once expelled. Methane gas can be captured during the process of anaerobic digestion, where microbes break down the raw material into fatty acids. The fatty acids are further broken [...]

Turn Food Waste Into Biogas Through Anaerobic Digestion

H2S Removal – Food Waste to Biogas Organic waste sources generate large amounts of methane as they decompose. Releasing methane into the atmosphere can lead to environmental and public health risks. Methane can be captured from various organic wastes, and one of the most easily decomposable wastes comes from food. Food waste can be loaded [...]

Natural Gas Dehydration

Natural Gas Dehydration with mSORB® NG 3A molecular sieve mSORB® NG 3A molecular sieve is specifically formulated for the use in natural gas dehydration applications where COS minimizing is required. mSORB® NG is designed to minimize the adsorption of CO2, H2S, and C2+ hydrocarbons. mSORB® NG exhibits high mass transfer efficiency and durability, leading to reliable performance and maximum [...]

Air Dryer Desiccant

Activated Alumina for Drying Air: Our aSORB® activated alumina is a low dust, smooth, spherical product with a high crush strength and low attrition rate. Our air dryer desiccant can reach a dewpoint of -40°F to -100˚F. Key Features: Low Dust Low Attrition High Crush Strength Uniform Bead Size High Adsorption Capacity Interra Global’s aSORB [...]

CNG Dryer Desiccant

Dry Compressed Natural Gas Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) typically needs to be dried to a minimum dew point of -100° F. Depending on the climate, this means that the gas must contain less than a ½ ppm of water. To dry compressed natural gas to this level we recommend our mSORB® family of molecular sieves as [...]

Dehydrating Ethanol

Interra Global has designed and developed a 3A molecular sieve bead that will stand up to the rigors of PSA and VSA ethanol drying applications. When it comes to dehydrating ethanol, mSORB® EDG molecular sieve is the drying method of choice for fuel ethanol producers. Ethanol can only be dried to the azeotropic point of [...]

Siloxane Removal

What is Siloxane Removal? Siloxane removal is removing trace contaminants from biogas so it can be reused rather than discarded. The bio-energy field is growing rapidly. Cities and waste material workers are being mandated more often by governments to make use of biogas,  a waste product of sewage plants and solid waste dumps. The main component [...]

Refrigeration System Desiccants

Refrigeration System Desiccants mSORB® RG refrigeration system desiccants are specifically formulated to be used as desiccants for stationary and mobile air conditioning and refrigeration systems in the commercial, automotive, and appliance industries. mSORB® RG molecular sieves are formulated to be compatible with the refrigerants and lubricants that they are intended to operate with and will prevent [...]

Peroxide Grade Alumina

Interra Global offers BASF DD-6, an exceptionally high surface area alumina developed specifically for service in hydrogen peroxide production. DD-6 alumina provides superb performance for both deepoxification and reversion of hydrogenated surface area and decreases quinone retention on spent product. DD-6 highly adsorbs the degradation of hydrogenation, reduces the consumption of anthraquinone, and stabilizes working [...]