Employee Spotlight on David Klimek

Oct 27, 2023

In March 2023, Interra Global welcomed a new member to the team. Meet David, the Operations Specialist responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of order processing and the friendly voice you may have heard on the other end of the line if you’ve called us in the past six months.

Before joining the Interra Global family, David gained valuable experience working in various customer-oriented roles. He started at a deli, where he honed his customer service skills and grasped the basic principles of running a business. His journey then led him to a small business specializing in luxury car rentals. There, he quickly advanced to a management position. However, David’s desire to work in a close-knit environment with a tight group of employees eventually led him to Interra Global.

For David, working for a small business has a unique appeal. It allows him to understand what each role does and why it’s vital for the business. He enjoys learning how all the pieces fit together to make the company function seamlessly.

Beyond the office, David is an engineering student, enjoys cooking, and cherishes spending quality time with friends and family. His penchant for learning doesn’t stop at the workplace, and he loves learning new skills in his free time.

A fun fact about David, his colleagues may be surprised to learn, is that his number one bucket list destination is Greece. The allure of its rich history, stunning landscapes, and delectable cuisine makes it a top priority for his future adventures.

When asked about his favorite product, David opted for the color-indicating desiccants. The ability to witness the chemical reactions in action makes them his favorite.

David’s passion for problem-solving, cross-functional collaboration, and dedication to customer satisfaction make him a valuable addition to the Interra Global team.


Interra Global is known worldwide as a provider of high-quality bulk desiccants and industrial adsorbents. Some of their many products include molecular sieve, silica gel, activated alumina, and FerroSorp®.

Interra Global’s top priority is to build lasting relationships with each of their customers by providing outstanding service. They offer technical support for many specialty applications, including H2S removal, ethanol dehydration, air drying, and siloxane removal.

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