Vacuum Adsorption Vessel

Our H2S removal equipment is designed to maximize media performance. The vacuum roll off units are designed for gas to evenly flow through the entire bed and evenly use the media. Our vacuum adsorption vessels can easily be implemented in already existing systems to increase hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency from gas streams.

Interra Global H2S treatment solutions are flexible and can be deployed quickly to address emergency situations.

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Product Data Sheet:

Vacuum Adsorption Vessel Product Data

Advantages of Interra Global’s VAVs:

  • Capacity of 17,600 lb – Save time with less changeouts
  • Heavy duty rollers for mobility
  • Three 36″ manway access points at the top of the unit – Easy media removal refilling
  • Lifting lugs for easy vessel unloading and placement

We have experts available to assess your plant’s operating conditions and provide performance estimations with our equipment and media. If you are already using FerroSorp, our team is ready to assist you in the purchasing process for the VAVs.



The roll off units do not require foundation work or cement structures for installation; gravel pads are suitable for these vessels. With a capacity of over 17,000 pounds of FerroSorp media, the VAV675M extends operating time and reduces the number of changeouts needed. Our equipment can help extend media life, simplify system use, and increase performance consistency and reliability. In combination with our high-capacity media, our equipment can handle varying levels of hydrogen sulfide concentration. Our system can be used at wastewater plants, landfills, dairy farms, and a multitude of other applications.

More advantages of using Interra Global vacuum adsorption vessels:

  • Bulk head hinged door – Allows for complete access to the inside of the unit
  • Heavy duty removable bar grating screen – Holds media and prevents it from falling downstream
  • Clip-in stainless steel screen over bar grating – easy installation
  • Internal piping is 304 stainless steel – Increased longevity in the presence of H2S
  • Interior is sand blasted and coated – Corrosion, chemical, and chip resistant
  • Exterior is painted with UV resistant polyurethane coating