Medical Oxygen Molecular Sieve

JLOX molecular sieve for oxygen concentrators, is a high-efficiency oxygen molecular sieve which is primarily used in the pressure swing adsorption process to produce oxygen. It has a high nitrogen adsorption capacity and an excellent nitrogen and oxygen separation coefficient. 

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Product Data Sheet:

Safety Data Sheet:

Manufactured by Jalon Inc.; exclusively distributed by Interra Global Corporation.



These products are mainly used as oxygen concentrator sieve bed materials in PSA industrial oxygen production, medical center oxygen supply systems, and personal oxygen concentrators. For these applications, oxygen purity can reach up to 93%±3%.

Property Unit JLOX-100 JLOX-101A JLOX-103 JLOX-500 JLOX-501
Diameter mm 1.6-2.5 0.4-0.8 1.3-1.7 1.6-2.5 0.4-0.8
N2 Adsorption Capacity ml/g ≥22 ≥22 ≥22 ≥8.00 ≥8.00
Bulk Density g/ml 0.63±0.03 0.62±0.03 0.62±0.03 0.65±0.03 0.65±0.03


Additional information


Store lithium molecular sieve in a dry location to prevent premature water adsorption.. We recommend that you rotate stock, so the oldest material is used first.

Packaging Information

Standard 25 kg drum and 125 kg drum available upon request.

Typical Applications

VPSA oxygen generators, Portable medical PSA oxygen concentrator