Employee Spotlight on Edita Omerbegovic

Nov 17, 2023

At Interra Global, we take pride in the unique experiences each member brings to the table. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to our newest Accounting Specialist, Edita Omerbegovic. Edita’s journey to joining the Interra Global family is filled with diverse experiences and a wealth of knowledge, making her a valuable addition to our accounting team.

Before joining us at Interra Global, Edita worked at Kavkaz Express, a logistics company. There, she played a pivotal role in building and shaping the accounting department. Her background also includes experience in accounts receivable and credit collections for a distribution company. Additionally, she boasts over a decade of experience in the world of banking, which brings a unique financial perspective to our team. Beyond finance, Edita’s multifaceted background includes tutoring in Saudi Arabia, a role she took on while her husband was working there. Her husband’s background in chemistry is one of the reasons she was initially drawn to Interra Global.

As an Accounting Specialist at Interra Global, Edita spends most of her days managing payable invoices. This critical role involves inputting vendor invoices and ensuring they are efficiently processed across the board. One of the exciting challenges she’s taken on in her new role is assisting with sales tax filing and compliance. Although it’s a new and somewhat complex area, Edita has embraced the opportunity to learn and conquer the challenges it presents.

When asked about her strongest skills, Edita emphasized her tech-savviness. She came into the role with prior knowledge of Salesforce, and while she is still adapting to Interra Global’s specific terminology and procedures, she is quick to learn and adapt. Edita has described the environment at Interra Global as friendly, organized, and open, which has contributed to her smooth integration into the team.

Edita’s favorite product in the Interra Global catalog is Silica Gel. She appreciates its ubiquity in everyday products and how almost everyone has at least some understanding of what it is.

Outside of her financial responsibilities at Interra Global, Edita’s life revolves around her family. She spends most of her time with her kids, enjoying outdoor activities such as trips to the zoo, visits to the park, and hiking adventures. Her favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, holds a special place in her heart because it allows her to spend quality time with her kids and extended family, all while cooking and savoring delicious food.

We’re delighted to have Edita as part of the Interra Global team. Her diverse experiences, financial acumen, and tech-savvy skills make her a valuable asset, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning are a perfect fit for our dynamic work environment. We look forward to her continued growth and contributions to our team. Welcome, Edita!


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