BASF F-200

Interra Global is a proud supplier of BASF F-200 activated alumina. F-200 is made of specifically engineered spheres of activated alumina that preferentially adsorb highly polar molecules. This product is available in sizes  1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4”.

Chemical Formula: Al2O3• nH2O

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Product Data Sheet:

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Features of BASF F-200 include:

  • Uniform Ball Size
  • High Crush Strength
  • Low Abrasion
  • High Adsorptive Capacity
Product Adsorbent Size
BASF F-200 Activated Alumina 1/8″
BASF F-200 Activated Alumina 3/16″
BASF F-200 Activated Alumina 1/4″

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Additional information


Store BASF F-200 activated alumina in a dry location to prevent premature water adsorption. Do not store super sacks outside; ultraviolet radiation and other adverse conditions will negatively impact its integrity and may eventually cause the bag to fail. Reseal packages after opening to prevent contamination and unintended water adsorption. We recommend that you rotate stock so the oldest material is used first.

Typical Applications

Compressed Air Drying
Gas & Liquid Drying
Vapor Phase Dehydration
Removal of Residual Halides and Water
Removal of Highly Polar Compounds from Process Stream
Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon Adsorption

Packing Information

Bags: 25 kg / 50 lb
Drums: 170 kg
Super Sacks: Fill weight to order specification