VAV 101 – The Vacuum Adsorption Vessel

Mar 01, 2023

The Interra Global Vacuum Adsorption Vessel, or VAV, is a mobile bulk media vessel designed for H2S removal with FerroSorp H2S removal media. Units are portable and can be placed directly on dirt or gravel at a site. Deployment is rapid, and using a VAV is as easy as plug-and-play. VAVs are designed for gas to flow evenly through the entire bed and fully utilize the media.

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How Do You Remove H2S From Biogas?

Feb 11, 2021

The gaseous compound, hydrogen sulfide (written as H2S), is a hazardous byproduct of many biological and industrial processes including the creation of biogas. It’s usually critical to separate the H2S gas from desirable or less hazardous gasses before they can be further refined. This is not, however, a simple matter. Fortunately, modern techniques are making […]

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