Adsorbent Product Highlight: 13X Molecular Sieves

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Adsorbent Product Highlight: 13X Molecular Sieve

13X molecular sieve is of the type X crystal, as opposed to the type A crystal of the 3A, 4A, and 5A molecular sieves. The 13X crystal can be seen in the picture above. However, the 13X molecular sieve is similar to the 4A in that it has sodium ion (Na+) in its structure. The different types of crystal affects the size of the pore opening. Where the 4A molecular sieve has a 4 angstrom pore opening, the 13x molecular sieve has a 10 angstrom pore opening. It will adsorb everything 3A, 4A, and 5A molecular sieves will adsorb (since it has much larger pores) along with much larger molecules. When an impurity you may want removed is too big for the type A crystal sieves, the 13x molecular sieve can potentially adsorb it.

Another stand-out quality of the 13X sieve is that its large pores allow it to adsorb materially very quickly. This means the flow rate of compounds moving through this sieve is the highest of the molecular sieves We carry at Interra Global. 13X molecular sieve also has the most adsorbent capacity of all the typical sieves.

Some common application of 13x sieve is to separate nitrogen from oxygen, remove CO2 in air-purification processes, and to create oxygen enriched air for medical use.

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