RNG Works 2021

Oct 01, 2021

Thank You RNG Works!

This September, Interra Global attended the RNG Coalition’s RNG Works – the North American RNG industry’s annual two-day Technical Workshop & Trade Expo. This year’s event was held at Nashville’s noteworthy Music City Center. The event is designed for end-users, consumers, and customers who want to better understand RNG project finance, development, operations, deployment, and utilization. The team at Interra Global was honored to attend this important educational and networking event for the RNG industry for the first time in 2021.

Since 2015, Interra Global has been the exclusive North American supplier of FerroSorp(R) – hydrogen sulfide removal media. From the time they added FerroSorp to their product inventory, Interra Global has worked with dairy farmers and landfills to remove H2S from gas streams sourced from their anaerobic digesters. This saves the harmful gasses from making their way into the environment or shortening equipment lifespan. Instead, H2S removal is one step in the process to making these harmful gasses into usable energy.

For the team at Interra Global, RNG Works was a chance to learn and connect. Account Manager Clay Baum said of the workshop and expo, “It was a great opportunity for the team to branch out and learn about digester inputs we’re not currently servicing.” From potato farms to food waste to swine, the in-person presentations not only offered knowledge but an opportunity to connect in a way the world had not been able to in more than a year. “I’m looking forward to next year’s expo and hope I’ll get the opportunity to be a presenter and share the value FerroSorp provides in the RNG market,” said Baum.

Interra Globals thanks the RNG Coalition the Music City Center for their hospitality and looks forward to seeing new and familiar faces at the 2022 RNG Works.


Interra Global is known worldwide as a provider of high-quality bulk desiccants and industrial adsorbents. Some of their many products include molecular sieve, silica gel, activated alumina, and FerroSorp®.

Interra Global’s top priority is to build lasting relationships with each of their customers by providing outstanding service. They offer technical support for many specialty applications, including H2S removal, ethanol dehydration, air drying, and siloxane removal.

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