Supply Chain Update from President Bill Wallace

Oct 11, 2021

To Our Valued Customers and Friends,

Throughout the past year and a half, we have all experienced tremendous challenges in our personal and business lives. Here at Interra Global, we have been keenly focused on navigating the current disarray in the global supply chain. These disruptions began with the Covid-19 pandemic as a catalyst, but a combination of the economic rebound, an over-stressed transportation system, and worker shortages continue to worsen the situation.

State of the Supply Chain
We continue to see inefficient operations across our country, with lengthy delays only becoming longer as container ships wait at anchor or container ships are stuck in rail yards and terminals for weeks. This is causing shortages of ocean vessels, shipping containers, truck chassis, and operating equipment as everything takes longer to move through the system and return to use. In addition, the already stressed system took another deep hit early in 2021 when a container ship became stranded in the Suez Canal for six days, completely disrupting transportation between Asia and Europe.

Due to hotspot virus breakouts, labor shortages are also making a hefty impact at ports, terminals, and rail yards. The trucking shortage in the U.S. had already begun building to a crisis level before the pandemic. Still, it hit an all-time high as areas locked down, spiking the demand for delivered goods and simultaneously touching off a surge of driver retirements. Additionally, unrelenting customer demand brought on by the current economic rebound is not only continuing to impact trucking delays but is causing warehouses to run out of space, further delaying container ships as they sit waiting to unload into the overflowing warehouses.

How Interra Global is Handling the Delays
Our team is doing everything possible to mitigate and adjust for these shipping delays and extreme cost fluctuations. We are committed to focussing on this effort and making mindful decisions around the health and safety of everyone involved. Additionally, our suppliers are working closely with us to keep our deliveries as timely as possible. In turn, we will provide real-time updated information to all of our customers and be as transparent as possible of any cost changes due to these shipping delays and shortages.

Please note, due to the continued volatility in market conditions, we are now requoting all freight at the time of shipment. Any originally quoted freight rate is for your budgeting purposes at the time of order and will be subject to change at the time of shipment.

We expect issues to continue into 2022 and want to thank you for your patience in all of this. We hope you and your loved ones are healthy, and we wish the same for all of our partners globally.


Bill Wallace
Interra Global

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