5 Reasons to Use Interra Global’s H2S Removal System

Nov 30, 2020

The combination of Interra Global’s custom-engineered vacuum adsorption vessels and FerroSorp H2S removal media has proven to be a highly effective solution. As reported by current customers, here are the top five reasons to install Interra Global’s H2S removal system today:

  1. The VAVs (Vacuum Adsorption Vessels) have heavy-duty rollers, making it extremely easy to relocate the containers to zones with higher hydrogen sulfide concentrations. The VAVs do not require foundations or cement structures for installation. 
  2. The VAVs have three points of entry, which makes the changeout process a breeze. The access points are all located at the top of the vessel, so vacuum trucks can easily access the used media. 
  3. Not only are the changeouts easy, but the changeouts will also be less frequent because of the large capacity of the VAVs. Seventeen thousand six hundred pounds of FerroSorp H2S removal media can fit in the VAVs – that’s about twice the weight of an African bush elephant! 
  4. FerroSorp has high loading rates. Your media can remove 40% of its weight in hydrogen sulfide. And it is long-lasting, so fewer changeouts are needed. 
  5. FerroSorp is considered environmentally non-hazardous when it is fully loaded. It can be disposed of at a low cost. 

Interra Global’s products can improve H2S removal efficiency and are typically used to purify landfill gas, digester gas, and wastewater treatment gas. In combination, VAVs and FerroSorp media can change how your plant removes hydrogen sulfide from gas streams. Because of the easy installation, Interra Global H2S treatment solutions can be deployed quickly to address emergency situations.

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