Interra Global Welcomes Director of Finance and Operations – Sara Curry

Apr 12, 2012

Park Ridge, Illinois – Interra Global has announced the addition of Sara Curry as its new Director of Finance and Operations. Curry comes from an information management background with a focus on finance and accounting. For more than 25 years, she worked in the consulting industry. Early in her career, she worked at PriceWaterhouse (PwC), as a management consultant. During her time at PwC, Curry traveled to U.S. Embassies in Cairo, Manila, Rome, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore to help implement and train users on new information solutions and process improvements. 

After two years as a consultant, Curry went back to school and earned her MBA in Operations and Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Following graduate school, she worked at McMaster Carr as an internal consultant and on the supply side of operations. Some of her responsibilities as Operations Manager included inventory optimization, space utilization, and seasonal purchasing. Using her consulting experience, Curry began an independent management consulting business, where she helped small companies with back office reengineering and data analytics.

Curry will oversee the finance and operations departments at Interra Global. She will focus on driving efficiency and gaining insight for bottom line growth. Additionally, she will lead the human resource department from recruiting to hiring to benefits. As the director of two departments, Curry will be responsible not only for continually improving the business processes but also ensuring employee development, both personally and professionally. 


Interra Global is known worldwide for providing high-quality bulk desiccants and industrial adsorbents. Some of the many products they offer include molecular sieve, silica gel, and activated alumina.   

Interra Global’s top priority is to build lasting relationships with each of their customers by providing outstanding service. They technically support many specialty applications, including ethanol dehydration, air drying, cat litter, and siloxane removal.

Interra Global
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Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

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