Nov 06, 2020

FerroSorp is a pelletized gas purification compound based on iron hydroxide. It is particularly effective at removing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from gas-producing installations (i.e. digesters, landfills). It is optimally shaped and highly porous, thus ensuring maximum loading capacity at low costs.

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Sep 28, 2017

FerroSorp®, H2S Removal Media supplied by Interra Global, easily removes Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from a gas stream in landfill gas applications.  FerroSorp® will save you time and money by needing less material and providing higher H2S removal performance. See these 4 case studies on FerroSorp®: FerroSorp® case study #1 and #2, and case study #3 and #4, and our H2S Removal Media (FerroSorp® product features) document.

Product Data Sheet:

FerroSorp – H2S Removal Media – PDS (PDF)

Safety Data Sheets:

FerroSorp SD – Iron Hydroxide – SDS (PDF)

FerroSorp SK – Iron Hydroxide – SDS (PDF)

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Advantages of FerroSorp®:

  • High loading rates – Capable of > 45% by weight– reduces operating costs
  • Low bulk density vs competitors – Requires less weight to fill your tank, lower freight costs
  • Outlet H2S concentration < 1 ppm – Meets strict regulations
  • No caking/clumping – Easier to change out, less remediation cost
  • Environmentally non-hazardous – Easy disposal, no chromium 6 disposal issues
  • Low pressure drop – Saves electricity
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Interra Global Becomes the Exclusive North American Distributor of FerroSorp® H2S Removal Media

Jun 17, 2016

Park Ridge, Illinois – Interra Global, the specialty chemical distribution company based just outside Chicago, announced today that they have come to an agreement with HeGo Biotec GmbH to be the exclusive North American supplier for the highly successful FerroSorp hydrogen sulfide removal media. HeGo has produced FerroSorp for the European biogas market for 25 years […]

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Vacuum Adsorption Vessel – H2S Removal System

Feb 25, 2021

Our H2S removal equipment is designed to maximize media performance. The vacuum roll off units are designed for gas to evenly flow through the entire bed and evenly use the media. Our vacuum adsorption vessels can easily be implemented in already existing systems to increase hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency from gas streams.

Interra Global H2S treatment solutions are flexible and can be deployed quickly to address emergency situations.

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Advantages of Interra Global’s VAVs:

  • Capacity of 17,600 lbs – Save time with less changeouts
  • Heavy duty rollers for mobility
  • Three 36″ manway access points at the top of the unit – Easy media removal refilling
  • Lifting lugs for easy vessel unloading and placement

We have experts available to assess your plant’s operating conditions and provide performance estimations with our equipment and media. If you are already using FerroSorp, our team is ready to assist you in the purchasing process for the VAVs.

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Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo 2021

Jun 09, 2021

Park Ridge, Illinois – Interra Global, a leading provider of industrial adsorbents, announced attendance at this year’s Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (booth #1005) in Des Moines, Iowa, running July 13-15. After a year of virtual events, the team is excited to return this year, face-to-face. Interra Global will showcase their high-quality, low-dust molecular sieve […]

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Turn Food Waste Into Biogas Through Anaerobic Digestion

Mar 19, 2021

H2S Removal – Food Waste to Biogas Organic waste sources generate large amounts of methane as they decompose. Releasing methane into the atmosphere can lead to environmental and public health risks. Methane can be captured from various organic wastes, and one of the most easily decomposable wastes comes from food. Food waste can be loaded [...]
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H2S Removal – Livestock Waste To Biogas

Mar 01, 2021

Reducing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a Critical Step in Turning Livestock Waste into Biogas Dairy, beef, swine, and poultry manure all release methane into the atmosphere once expelled. Methane gas can be captured during the process of anaerobic digestion, where microbes break down the raw material into fatty acids. The fatty acids are further broken [...]
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How Do You Remove H2S From Biogas?

Feb 11, 2021

The gaseous compound, hydrogen sulfide (written as H2S), is a hazardous byproduct of many biological and industrial processes including the creation of biogas. It’s usually critical to separate the H2S gas from desirable or less hazardous gasses before they can be further refined. This is not, however, a simple matter. Fortunately, modern techniques are making […]

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Interra Global Welcomes Supply Chain Manager – Michael Yu Chi Ho

Feb 08, 2021

Park Ridge, Illinois – Interra Global announces the addition of Michael Yu Chi Ho to the Logistics Team, bringing with him 15 years of experience in global supply chain management. Already familiar with the specialty chemical industry, Michael has extensive experience managing strong relationships with vendors, minimizing transportation costs, and sourcing high-quality suppliers, and service providers. […]

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Interra Global Welcomes Logistics Specialist – Martin Nimock

Feb 01, 2021

Park Ridge, Illinois – Interra Global announces the addition of Martin Nimock to the Logistics Team. Martin joins Interra Global with experience in freight brokerage as a carrier sales representative and logistics coordinator. He’s worked at companies of various sizes, ranging from large teams to a team of one, giving him an inside look to every stop […]

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