Sep 28, 2017

FerroSorp®, H2S Removal Media supplied by Interra Global, easily removes Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from a gas stream in landfill gas applications.  FerroSorp® will save you time and money by needing less material and providing higher H2S removal performance. See this FerroSorp® case study and our H2S Removal Media (FerroSorp® product features) document.

Advantages of FerroSorp®:

  • High loading rates – Capable of > 45% by weight– reduces operating costs
  • Low bulk density vs competitors – Requires less weight to fill your tank, lower freight costs
  • Outlet H2S concentration < 1 ppm – Meets strict regulations
  • No caking/clumping – Easier to change out, less remediation cost
  • Environmentally non-hazardous – Easy disposal, no chromium 6 disposal issues
  • Low pressure drop – Saves electricity

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New H2S Removal Media

Jul 15, 2020

FerroSorp® H2S removal media is a now being introduced to the North American landfill gas market. FerroSorp is an Iron Hydroxide based pelletized desulphurization media used to remove H2S from gases. FerroSorp is produced in Germany and has been a market leader in Europe for more than 25 years. Iron Hydroxide contains the highest purity level […]

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H2S Removal – Landfill Gas Applications

Sep 28, 2017

Reducing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from a gas stream is a critical step in landfill gas applications. Our FerroSorp® media will remove your H2S and save your company time and money. We Achieve the Highest Loading Rates: FerroSorp® has a chemical makeup that not only captures H2S, with a small amount of oxygen it will convert [...]
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